Strategic sourcing

Significant savings in the purchase of indirect materials through economies of scale with more than 65 plants negotiated in Mexico.

We focus on customer service with benefits in costs and commercial conditions with the purchasing power of Alfa Group. We have a wide portfolio of specialized suppliers ready to exceed the expectations of our customers regarding price, quality and service.

We have success stories with savings of up to 50% in the following categories:

Safety equipment



Cardboard packaging



Hygiene products

Cleaning supplies

Wood and pallets

Polypropylene bags


Industrial footwear

Foreign trade

Electric material

Packaging film

Mechanical transmission

Packaging material

Air conditioning

Special categories according to requirement

Benefits for our Clients:

  • Benefits in costs and commercial conditions.
  • Free membership, based on shared savings.
  • Large consumption of indirect materials, through economy of scale with more than 65 plants in Mexico.
  • Visibility and transparency in consumption and savings of indirect materials through monthly report.
  • National coverage.