Business Process Management Suite

Innovative solutions to automate processes and improve internal control of the areas of Finance and Accounting, purchasing and human resources.

A set of modular solutions designed under the highest quality standards and best practices in the market. They are constantly updated according to the current legal and tax provisions to make our clients’ business processes more efficient.

Electronic foreign trade

    Monitoring of the import/export process, integration of the digital file and conciliation of customs and tax information in each of the transactions related to foreign trade.
  • It allows the integration of the digital file for each of the transactions related to foreign trade.
  • Monitoring and notification of the different stages and participants of the Import / Export.

Digital Tax File

    We manage information related to the compliance with tax and social security obligations.
  • Internal collaboration and with auditors regarding information for tax and social security processes.
  • Transparency in compliance with requirements regarding content and calendar.
  • Information backup for references and inquiries.

National accounts payable

    Electronic invoices reception, tax and commercial validation, accounting and backup of CFDI’s. All of this is done automatically with ERP.
  • We guarantee the deductibility of expenses when conducting online tax validation.
  • We integrate data into client-owned ERP.
  • We Protect and manage XML´s documents.

Expense Management

    Expenses verification through electronic authorization flows. Integrating, validating and recording in our clients ERP automatically.
  • Automatic tax validation of SAT receipts.
  • Authorization flows according to your internal policies.
  • We facilitate the control of company policies.


    Configuration and implementation of the changes required in your ERP for the correct operation and extraction of the files required by the SAT; creation of a grouping catalog, balance structure, and integration of the necessary information for policy files.
  • Data integrity validation platform requested by the SAT.
  • Constant updates of processes, regulations and technology.

Payment Complement

    Reception and validation of payments, in XML format, to customers and suppliers, including an interface with your company’s ERP.
  • ERP payment policy extraction.
  • Delivery of the policy content to suppliers by mail.
  • Conciliation of ERP payment policies vs XML sent to suppliers.
  • Complement Payment tax Determination.

Suppliers portal

    It enables collaboration between the client and its suppliers, speeding up and being transparent with the processes involved in the cycle of expenses, from the request/quotation of goods and services to the corresponding payment.
  • It improves the performance by making accounting processes easier, while integrating transactions in your ERP.
  • It offers competitive advantages by facilitating communication with suppliers in real-time.

CFDI payroll management

    Integral control in the process of postmarking payslips, detecting errors and duplicates.
  • It guarantees full payroll deductibility.
  • It facilitates the conciliation of control figures against the payroll process.
  • Generation of payslips in PDF format for employee inquiries.
  • Access control for administrators.

Foreign accounts receivable

    Reception of invoices from foreign suppliers in PDF format, integrated into your ERP, including its administration, consultation, storage and linking to accounting records.
  • Digital integration to the business processes of invoices from import suppliers.
  • Fast invoice inquiry through various searching criteria.

Travel Expenses Management

    Travel expenses verification through electronic authorization flows, ensuring compliance with internal travel policies.
  • Automatic tax validation of receipts before the SAT.
  • Increase in control over the per diem of executives of your company.
  • Mobility - Electronic authorization from any mobile device.


    It manages the information to be shared with external auditors by integrating control elements related to access, delivery log and file inquiry.
  • Efficiency in the processes of financial and fiscal ruling.
  • Transparency in compliance with requirements regarding content and calendar.
  • Security in information management and access control.

Benefits for our Clients

  • Process Automation.
  • Error reduction.
  • Implementation in any ERP.
  • Portal update without additional cost.
  • Information security and confidentiality.