Information Security Consulting

The security panorama is constantly changing and companies must adapt to this promptly.

Consultancy that comprehensively covers all the necessary domains for an effective management and protection of the business information, based on international standards, such as ISO27001, and extensive experience in large companies.

We focus on the strategy and priorities of the organization:

  • How can I know my vulnerabilities?
  • What do I need to protect in the organization?
  • How can I strengthen my technological infrastructure?
  • What do I need in order to protect my information?
  • How can I develop an Information Security culture?
  • We analyze the four main axes in information security:
  • Government

    • Security Model Evaluation.
    • Definition of policies and processes.
    • Definition of the security strategy.
    • Internal structure for information security.


    • Definition of awareness programs.
    • Dissemination of policies, guidelines and procedures.
    • Audience awareness.
    • Training mechanisms.
    • Indicators of the awareness level inside the organization.


    • Management Model Design.
    • Risk analysis.
    • Metrics definition.
    • Information Classification.
    • Better practices.


    • Technological maturity model for effective cyber defense.
    • Technological architecture for information security.
    • Best practices..
    • Processes and procedures to ensure the evolution of the infrastructure.


    Benefits for our Clients:

    • We use international standards, based on ISO27001.
    • We make global information security campaigns.
    • Reduction of vulnerability of large companies.
    • Improvement in the management of documents in the organization.
    • The methodology is applied in companies in the Alfa group worldwide.