Digital Tax Tools

Digital solutions that allows you to perform an electronic audit of your accounting records, through conciliation of your company´s ERP and the SAT.

You will be able to visualize the fiscal measurement that the SAT applies to taxpayers, using massive downloads of information, such as CFDI’s (XML) and complementary information; allowing the company to determine risks and corrections in its operations to adequately fulfill its fiscal obligations on time.

CFDI Payroll

  • Withheld taxes.
  • Breakdown of taxes withheld by CFDI.
  • Income and deductions.

Received CFDI

  • Summary per month of CFDIs received.
  • Detail of received CFDIs.
  • Detail of canceled CFDI


  • TAX calculation summary.
  • Total taxes on cash transactions.
  • Total taxes on issued electronic payment receipts.


  • IVA Conciliation.
  • Customs value.
  • Conc. VC-VA and TAX base.
  • Supplier-customer.
  • Statisticians.

Issued CFDI

  • SAT Company.
    • Issued CFDI.
    • Canceled CFDI.
  • ERP company.
    • Monthly income.
  • SAT-ERP Income Conciliation.

Articles 69 / 69B

  • CFDIs issued to taxpayers of Art.69 and 69B.
  • CFDIs received from taxpayers of Art.69 and 69B.

Received IVA CFDI

  • SAT-Portal Conciliation.
  • TAX calculation summary.
  • Total taxes on cash transactions.
  • Total taxes on electronic payment receipts received.

Benefits for our Clients:

  • We identify tax risks.
  • We take preventive actions instead of corrective actions.
  • We deal with SAT audits..
  • Compliance with tax obligation.s
  • Generation of high-level reports in real-time.